How to Pick an Online English Writing Course

Going “back-to-school” before you technically have to go “back-to-school” may not be the most thrilling idea, but taking an online English writing course this summer is one of the most flexible, affordable, and enriching ways to boost your academic resume and keep your writing skills sharp. 

What to Look for in an Online English Writing Course

When picking the best online writing course, you’ll want to select one that comes from a credible expert or institution, offers you a certificate or token to recognize completion, and one that was developed to accommodate all writing levels.

High schoolers and college-level students should also look for a summer online writing course that helps you strengthen your writing skills, communicate ideas and synthesize thoughts. An “Introduction to Writing Composition” course is a perfect option.

Know the Course Requirements 

Now that you have an idea of what type of course you’ll want to take, it’s important to know what the requirements are for successful completion. As an example, let’s use the Ecree Academy “Introduction to Writing Composition” online writing course. 

  • Students enrolled in this course have four sections to complete: General Writing, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction.  
  • Within each of these sections, students are required to read the included material (story, poem, speech, etc.) and develop two essays per section in response to the questions. Successfully completing a section is determined by the essay score. 
  • There are also short quizzes on grammar basics that students must take.
  • All essays and quizzes must be submitted by September 13, 2020 for grading.
  • Digital credentials will be awarded when all criteria are met.

6 Reasons to Take a Writing Course this Summer

When you know what’s expected in an online writing course, you’re able to budget your time and progress towards completion.  But there are other key reasons that might sway your decision about doing a little extra work this summer. Again, let’s take the Ecree Academy course as our example:

  1. Earn digital credentials that show you’ve mastered core writing skills
  2. Stay ahead of your peer competition
  3. Designed to accommodate Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced writers
  4. Maximum flexibility allows you to work when it’s convenient to you
  5. Developed by a college writing professor 
  6. Hosted on a popular Canvas learning platform

Enroll and Finish Before “Real” School Starts

College acceptance and career success depend on strong writing skills. Summer gives you the time to work at your own pace and complete this before the next school year begins.  It’s hard to say what the Fall semester will look like, but taking a proactive approach and investing in your education is always a smart plan. With an online English writing course, you’ll keep your skills sharp and your credentials will show your dedication in achieving academic goals. 

Interested in Joining the Ecree Academy Summer Course?

Are you interested in joining the “Introduction to Writing Composition” summer course developed by writing professor, Dr. Jamey Heit? Students get free access with a monthly or annual Ecree subscription.  Everything you need is included in the Canvas-hosted course, so there are no books to buy or added cost.

What you will learn.

This course emphasizes the key elements of good writing:

  • Comprehensive reading ability to understand the writing prompt.
  • Effective topic organization through thesis and topic sentences.
  • Constructive argumentation built on evidence and analysis.

What you will do.

You will be asked to read and analyze a variety of topics. Critically reading the prompt allows you to achieve the foundational writing skills you’re here to improve. 

Why you will succeed.

The Ecree Academy curriculum has been developed by expert writing teachers with first-hand insights into what students need to become great writers and communicators.