Benefits of Using AI Writing Software

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It’s a hot topic these days for schools, teachers, and students.  Defined in the most basic sense, AI is technology that does something humans do. Too often we imagine AI as a robot with superior intellect or a computer system that will make humans unnecessary (thanks Hollywood), but for all the hype AI is often boring.  Have you ever used spell check in Microsoft Word? That’s AI writing software. Spell check provides the kind of insight a human editor would. The only real difference is that AI is faster. 

Artificial Intelligence for Students

As technology has improved, AI writing software has evolved from spell check to much more robust tools that students need to be using. AI can do many of the things a human teacher does. The key benefit is that the AI is available whenever you need it and performs the task more quickly.  A few decades ago, students (likely your parents) looked up information in an encyclopedia – now you get that information immediately from Google. 

Think about it, your teacher already spends hours grading your paper for spelling, grammar, thesis statement, and clarity, but you’re not there when this review is happening, plus it’s a slow process.  With AI writing software, you get instant writing feedback while you’re writing. You don’t need to wonder if you’re writing is good or makes sense, AI tells you how you’re doing every few seconds.

Fast Feedback

Let’s take a closer look at why immediate feedback is helpful. You are a person and you learn in predictable ways (trust us…there’s research to prove it). If you’re working on an assignment, getting feedback from a teacher will help you improve. The more feedback you get, the more likely you are to write a better paper. With AI, you get more feedback and you get it faster. Simply put, this is the recipe for success!

Imagine a skill you’ve learned in the past. If you tried to teach yourself, you were likely frustrated. You may have given up. These are the types of responses students have when they don’t get help. But with AI, you get instant, unlimited support whenever you need it – day or night.


By now you probably get it.  The more help you get the more likely you are to succeed and get a higher grade. Part of this success is the quality of the paper that you’re turning in. The additional benefit of the help AI can provide is that whether you realize it or not, you’re building confidence in your ability to write. The success of turning in a good paper isn’t just about a good score. It’s also about knowing that you are capable of writing a good paper

Key Points of AI Writing Software

Using AI writing software to help you produce the best essay or paper just makes sense.  AI gives faster and more effective feedback. Bottom line: your writing process will be much easier and will go more smoothly when you have a personalized, AI tutor helping you along the way.