Why a Virtual Writing Tutor is the Best Choice for Test Prep

When you’re getting ready to take the SAT®, the ACT, or another standardized test, the stakes are high. Graduate school, college, and even competitive high school admission is not something to take lightly. It’s normal to feel anxious about the writing section of a test. Portions of standardized tests are black and white. You either choose the correct answer, or you don’t. Writing is different. There are a multitude of factors that come into play when writing is being graded. On those tests, you need clear organization. You need to use evidence and analysis to build a clear argument.  It can feel nerve-wracking to know that someone you haven’t met will be grading your work. The good news: help is available. A virtual writing tutor is low stress, high return way for students to sharpen writing skills. A digital writing tool will help you get used to working with a completely impartial reader. Let’s talk about why a virtual writing tutor is the best choice for standardized test prep.

Objective, Bias Free Feedback

As a student, you know that different teachers grade students in different ways. Like students, teachers are human beings, and it’s natural to have biases. When working with a teacher or other tutor who you meet with face to face, it’s impossible for your tutor to be completely objective. If your tutor gets along with you well, she may be less likely to give the critical feedback that you need. If your personality clashes with that of your tutor, she may be harder on you than necessary. These aspects of human behavior cannot be avoided. Technology tools, like Ecree, eliminate these issues. 

Ecree provides clear and consistent feedback to help you feel confident that the things you’re expected know for your tests are the same things you’ve mastered while practicing with this virtual writing tool. The feedback is 100% data-driven, influenced only by the quality of your work and is reflective of that work not of you as a person.

In addition, a virtual writing tutor is more convenient than working with an in-person tutor. Feedback is not only immediate, it’s unlimited. This allows you to work and revise at your own pace. When working with an live tutor, you’ll eventually come to a point where you agree that your writing is “good enough.” With Ecree, you’re able to take your writing to the next level. There’s no stopping point until your writing completely meets top notch standards.

Low Cost, High Return Tutoring

A private tutor charges between $45-$60 per hour, with that costs even higher in metropolitan areas. While this may seem affordable at first, sessions add up. Your private tutor also has his or her own business to run and benefits from clients who purchase a large number of sessions.  Does this sound like a way to get the focused attention you need? NO!

But, when you “hire” technology tools to help you prepare for tests, rates are much more affordable.  A virtual writing tutor is able to process large quantities of information and “work” with thousands of students at a time making the cost lower than if working with an in-person tutor.

In addition, your financial situation should not determine whether you do well on standardized testing. Your skill set, including your writing skills, are the only factors that should come into play. With a virtual tutor, you get to sharpen your skills without breaking the bank.

Write Where You Want, When You Want, On Whatever Device You Want

When you work with a live tutor, sessions are arranged in advance. Each session lasts for a set amount of time. If life happens and you have to cancel a session, you may still be required to pay the fee for that session, even though you didn’t receive the service. With a virtual tutor, this isn’t the case. You’re able to submit your work whenever you want. Night owl? No problem. Submit your work at 2 am, and you’ll get the same immediate feedback that you would get in the middle of the afternoon.

Prefer to work at a coffee shop instead of the library? Order another macchiato and keep on writing on your laptop, tablet, or even your phone. With Ecree, you’re in control of when, where, and how you do your work.

You’re able to do more work with a virtual tutoring system in a few hours than you could do in a few weeks with an in-person tutor. A digital writing tool allows you to resubmit revisions to your work as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. Real-time feedback allows you to edit your work in a way that makes sense for you. The ability to choose when you’re going to work and submit your writing allows you to get the most out of your tutoring sessions without having to write at a pace dictated by someone else. With a virtual writing  tutor, you set your own deadlines. Saving you both time and money.

“Human tutors will get bored working your practice essay to perfection, but a software tool can processes your work tirelessly as many times as you need it.”

Get The Focused Attention You Deserve

As humans living in the digital age, many of us struggle to give our total focus to any one thing. It’s human nature to be distracted – right now, you’re likely flipping between browser tabs, reading this blog, checking your texts, and half-participating in a conversation with a friend. A live tutor is no exception. No matter how professional and experienced a live tutor may be, it’s rare that you’ll be her only client.
Even if you have a one-on-one tutoring sessions, it’s hard for a busy tutor to keep all of their clients straight. This is especially true if you have similar needs as another client. If you’ve worked with a live tutor in the past, you may have felt frustrated when she mixed you up with another client. You may also have experienced a tutor who couldn’t remember the topic of your most recent essay. Taking valuable time during your  tutoring session to remind her of what you’re working on or what your current needs are is like throwing money away.

With a virtual tutoring tool, this problem is solved. An interactive, virtual tutor can engage with your work immediately. This allows for personalized, teacher-quality feedback with every edit. Human tutors will get bored working your practice essay to perfection, but a software tool can processes your work tirelessly as many times as you need it.

Unlimited Practice- Write As Much As You Want, As Often As You Want

When you choose to work with a virtual writing tool, you’ll no longer have to wait for a live tutor to find the time to read your practice essays. A virtual tutor does this immediately and consistently.  With real-time feedback you have the freedom to revise your work and watch your feedback update within seconds. This allows you to give your writing all of your focus when working and none of your focus when you’re not in the writing groove. Unlike a live tutor, there’s no stress to return edits quickly.

It’s proven that a digital algorithm is able to read faster than any human. A live tutor may be prompt with feedback, but there is no way that they can beat the instant comments, suggestions, and corrections made by a digital tutor. Even if a live tutor works full time, she is not able to sit in front of her email, waiting for you to send in your next edit. A virtual writing tool hangs on your every word, waiting to give you constructive feedback to make you a better writer.

Getting the score you deserve on your high-stakes test depends on the effort you’re willing to invest in preparing for it. The back and forth process to get to the final product when you’re working on an essay with a live tutor can take days. There can be miscommunication, waiting time to receive an email, lag time on weekends… the process can seem endless. Digital writing tools eliminate lag time. You’re getting more for your money.

Try Ecree

When it comes to choosing how you’re going to improve your writing, you have options. While a live tutor can be helpful, nothing can beat working with a virtual writing tool that gives you instant feedback. Technology gives you the benefit of fast, data-driven writing algorithms. At Ecree, we’ve spent years perfecting our algorithm to help you become the best writer you can be. This means that you’ll get top quality feedback on your work, every time. We know that improving writing takes time and practice, and at Ecree, we’re determined to make writing help accessible to all students. If you’re ready to become a more confident writer, prepared for whatever your standardized test throws at you, the answer is clear: choose a virtual writing tutor for test prep.

At Ecree, we’re here to help you prepare for important written tests and develop lifelong writing skills.